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Meridien Ten Travel: A Gem for Touring Cyclists in Croatia

Originally posted on Best Bike Rentals & Routes:

Meridien Ten Bike Rentals Croatia

Whenever my wife and I travel, I almost by compulsion begin looking at what cycling opportunities might be available in the areas we plan to visit. In this case, we knew we’d be spending a few days in Split, Croatia and that we’d love to do some riding on the Dalmatian Islands.

Meridien Ten is a bike rental company that specializes in touring setups for multi-day excursions in Croatia. Though we had only a day to take advantage of their services, I learned that their self-guided route across some of the major Dalmatian Islands from Dubrovnik to Split is their most popular. In order to make that particular route work, they are set up to offer transfers from their shop in Split to Dubrovnik and they do offer fully-custom and guided/supported tours as well.


Meridien Ten features a line of hybrid trekking bikes and road bikes with quality components. For example…

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A SLO Weekend: Taking a Break in San Luis Obispo County

Prefumo Canyon, San Luis Obispo

Mrs. ITP and I really needed to step away from our daily lives last week, if only for a 24-hour period, so we decided to explore the area immediately north of where we live. This led us to the San Luis Obispo area, which is full of vineyards, rolling green hills, and a number of coastal gems, all within 1.5-2 hours drive-time from the Santa Barbara area, and just a bit farther from Los Angeles.

We stumbled upon quite a lot during this short trip, but most importantly, we were reminded that traveling without any real plans, reservations, or goals can be lots of fun. We had a great time stopping wherever we pleased and just generally wandering about in an area very close to us that we hadn’t really explored. Come with us for a tour of some of the best bits of SLO County! Continue reading

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NYC + DC Trip: How ITP Did New York City in 48 hours, pt. 2

Staten Island Ferry + NYC Skyline

After having covered lots of Midtown Manhattan on our first day in New York, we focused most of our efforts on Lower Manhattan for the beginning of our second day in the city. However, since it was convenient to the subway line we would be taking down to Lower Manhattan, we first decide to check out the famed Central Park. Here’s what we found: Continue reading

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NYC + DC Trip: How ITP Did New York City in 48 hours, pt. 1

New York City Public Library from Bryant Park

New York Public Library from Bryant Park

When I first looked to plan a spring trip to the East Coast, I was focused on getting Mrs. ITP and myself to Washington, D.C. during that small window of time when the cherry blossoms are in bloom and the springtime warmth banishes the snow flurries and icy winter air. I started by adding a “free one-way” onto our summer round-trip flight to Croatia (see this post for an explanation), but we still had to get from Southern California to Washington. That’s where United’s award availability got scarce and New York got added to the itinerary.

By flying to the United hub city of Newark, we were able to get to the East Coast on award miles and then utilize one of the many inexpensive yet comfortable private bus companies to get to DC. Between landing in Newark and heading to DC though, we went on a 48-hour whirlwind tour of New York City. Continue reading

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NYC + DC in a Week: A Trip Overview

New York City from the Empire State Building ITP Travel Report Overview

We’ve just returned from our week-long trip to the East Coast and that means a wealth of new tips, tricks, and travel reports are headed your way!

In this travel report series, among other things, you’ll learn:

  • How we got the most out of a short stay in New York City
  • Taking on the Capital City in a variety of weather conditions
  • Utilizing various forms of public transit and navigating the big city
  • How to see and do a ton without spending a weighty sum
  • Dining and Drinking in NYC + DC
  • The benefits and drawbacks of aspirational hotel award redemption bookings
  • An essay on the transient nature of umbrellas

As always, you can utilize the Travel Reports page on the main menu of to access all of ITP’s travel reports, which include: US travel reports, international travel reports, and bicycle touring travel reports!


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Travel to the End of the World for Free*: How I’ll be Getting to Patagonia and Back on Airline Miles, pt. 2

Delta SkyMiles Redemption in Southern South America Great Value

In part 1, I showed you how we’ll be getting from Los Angeles to the South American hub city of Santiago, Chile. We managed to save nearly $4,000 on those tickets! In part 2, I’ll examine how we used Delta Skymiles to get from Santiago to several spots in Patagonia, including the lake district beauty of Bariloche and the wilds of El Calafate and Southern Patagonia. Continue reading


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